Hemant Tavathia- Director of Photography. “Delivery Dudes” Verizon.

Hemant Tavathia- Director of Photography “NFL Superbowl LII Superkids Event”

Verizon Credo Video 2018- Lighting Designer Hemant Tavathia

Hemant Tavathia- Producer, Director. “The Techfluencers” Gavs, Digidrub

Hemant Tavathia- Lighting Designer- Verizon Credo 2017

“Celebrate like No One’s Watching!” AdFilm. Produced by Hemant Tavathia and Michael J. Herbert.

Hemant Tavathia - Director of Photography (New York)- "Reality Disorder" A Comedy Webseries/Film

Director of Photography- Hemant Tavathia. Brand Video. Crisp Video Group.

Hemant Tavathia - Producer, Director - "Goodstein Season 3" A Comedy Series.

Winner 2017 LA Webfest- Best Comedy Series, Best Director and 5 Other Awards


Hemant Tavathia WWW.DMWNY.COM

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